Where is Outer Banks filmed?

"Outer Banks" the popular Netflix series

“Outer Banks” is a popular Netflix series that tells the story of a group of teenagers on a treasure hunt in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, despite being set in North Carolina, the show was primarily filmed in South Carolina due to a controversial law in the state.
The production team scouted locations throughout the East Coast before ultimately choosing South Carolina as the primary filming location. The state offered a variety of landscapes and scenery that closely resembled the Outer Banks, including pristine beaches, salt marshes, and historic buildings.
Charleston and North Charleston were two of the primary filming locations for the show. The town of Charleston, with its cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and waterfront charm, was the perfect backdrop for the Pogues’ adventures. Some of the show’s most memorable scenes, including the funeral procession for John B’s father and the high school scenes, were filmed in Charleston.
One of the most iconic locations in the show is the Chapel Hill High School, which serves as the setting for the show’s high school scenes. This historic school building is located in North Charleston and is the perfect representation of the classic American high school.
Another key filming location is the Bridge to Nowhere, which spans over the Cooper River in Charleston. The bridge, which is unfinished and leads to a marshy area, was the perfect setting for a pivotal scene in the show’s first season.
Kiawah Island, located just outside of Charleston, was another important filming location for “Outer Banks.” Beachwalker Park, a popular spot on the island, serves as the setting for the show’s infamous “Pogues vs. Kooks” beach fight scene. The park’s pristine beaches and lush vegetation make it an ideal filming location for a show set in the Outer Banks.
Finally, the town of Wilmington, North Carolina, served as a secondary filming location for the show. The town, which is home to several popular film and television productions, provided additional locations for the show’s production team.
Overall, the production team for “Outer Banks” did an excellent job finding the perfect filming locations to bring the show to life. Despite being filmed primarily in South Carolina, the show captures the essence of the Outer Banks and its unique coastal culture. Fans of the show can visit some of the filming locations and experience the magic of the show for themselves.

“Outer Banks” is a popular show that follows the treasure hunting journey of a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Although the show is set in North Carolina, production moved to South Carolina. The team scouted numerous East Coast locations before choosing one of America’s most charming states as their primary location. South Carolina provided natural landscapes and scenery which incredibly resembled the Outer Banks.

Charleston and North Charleston housed some of the main filming locations, with cobblestone streets, classic architecture, and waterfront charm captured in shots. Chapel Hill High School in North Charleston was used for high school scenes, while the Bridge to Nowhere in Charleston was useful for pivotal first-season sequences. Kiawah Island near Charleston delivered Beachwalker Park – where the Pogues vs Kooks fight sequence happened – and its picturesque beaches. Wilmington, NC also served as an additional filming location for “Outer Banks” with many definitive areas standing out on-screen.

​The production team achieved what they were aiming for: to capture the essence of the Outer Banks coasts and encapsulate this unique culture across the world through captivating visuals from little-known destinations across South Carolina, complemented by brief glimpses from Wilmington.

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